OU. Boutique Stories

We are highly convinced a great story never started with a dull outfit. OU. Boutique Stories turn handpicked collections into great stories. Shoes from Milan, jeans from L.A., a blazer from Copenhagen, handmade antique bracelet from London and that t-shirt from Paris: together the perfect ingredients for a lovely story to wear and tell. 

Valerie van der Meer and Rosanne Jansen started this boutique shopping platform 5 years ago. At first it was called 9streetsonline, named after the charming 9 streets shopping area of Amsterdam where they focused on the cool and quirky independent fashion brands of the area. Now they need to venture further afield to meet the boutiques growing style demands and aspirations.

Special items. Unique cherries. Chic basics. Simple must-haves. Great investment pieces. Chic basics rule and there should always be a dash of rock and roll added. The looks you love, pin and like are here to shop.


OU. Boutique Stories

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