Hop & Stork comes to Amsterdam. The most beautiful and tastiest chocolate concept of The Hague and Utrecht will now open their third and largest store in the middle of the bustling centre of Amsterdam. This new location will introduce the capital of the Netherlands to the hospitable and culinary experience of Hop & Stork.

Everything revolves around hospitality and quality at Hop & Stork. Pampering and surprising guests with homemade delicacies is our credo.

The heart of Amsterdam

Hop & Stork will open in the centre of Amsterdam on the corner of the Raadhuisstraat and Spuistraat, behind the Royal Palace on Dam Square. The store  is located on the ground floor of the beautiful national monument Magna Plaza. This unique location has its own entrance opposite the luxury Hotel W, Amsterdam.

With its 300 square meters, the shop has enough space for an open chocolate workshop and a restaurant, where many hot and cold drinks as well as delicacies from the shop are served. In Amsterdam, Hop & Stork adds wine paired with chocolate  to its range. Indulge yourself with an abundance of tasteful combinations.

Unique concept

Hop & Stork is a paradise for anyone who loves chocolate, coffee, patisserie & icecream. At Hop & Stork all senses are stimulated. In the chocolate workshop, chocolate flows richly from taps and the chocolatiers  proudly show their handcrafted products. After you’re done shopping, settle down in Hop & Stork’s restaurant. There you can enjoy a homemade culinary pastry from the patissier or a lunch dish with chocolate twist. The barista prepares a drink entirely to the wishes of the guest and provides an extra experience at the table.

Craftsmanship & passion

The Hop & Stork chocolatiers and pastry chefs are proud of their craft and are happy to show their passion to their guests. They work with high quality products and make no concessions. Hop & Stork is known for their wide variety of chocolate. They are not only gorgeous to behold, they are incredibly tasty. Varying from ruby chocolate with freeze-dried raspberries, to extra dark chocolate with freshly roasted hazelnuts. Hop & Stork furthermore offers a wide range of pralines with special and diverse flavours. During the holidays the chocolatiers produce beautiful and artistic chocolate showpieces which are on display in the shop window.

Business & groups

Hop & Stork is the right address to welcome friends, family, colleagues or relations for workshops. Work with, and learn more about chocolate, patisserie, coffee or wine during a (custom) workshop. Tailor-made business gifts are also in the range of possibilities at Hop & Stork.

Design Studio Linse

The Magna Plaza building used to house the main post office of Amsterdam and is now considered one of the most beautiful monumental buildings of the city due to its neo-Gothic architecture. The building radiates a lot of allure both inside and outside and requires a suitable interior design. Hop & Stork is delighted that Paul Linse and his team will take care of the design. Studio Linse has furnished similar buildings for the RIJKS®, brasserie Occo in The Dylan and Cafe American.

History Hop & Stork

After a long international banking career, two entrepreneurs, Remco Groenewold and Anil Soekhoe, came up with the concept of Hop & Stork. Three core values are central to these gentlemen and all their employees; hospitality, quality and transparency.

They chose the court city of The Hague as their first location in 2014, after which Utrecht soon followed in 2016. Amsterdam has long been at the top of the wish list for a new location,and is now a fact. The concept has matured and is continuously adapting to trends and developments of the market concerning taste, sustainability and innovation. Everyone is welcome to experience a moment of joy at Hop & Stork Magna Plaze from July 2019.


Beware of fraudulent messages claiming to be from Magna Plaza regarding services or job opportunities. Magna Plaza does not engage in online recruitment. If you are contacted on behalf of Magna Plaza, treat it as a scam. For inquiries or concerns, please email us directly via the address provided on this website.

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